Spring Break

Spring Break 2016 and I'm back from a 5 year break. I'll tell the whole story later but the truth is that I got really burned out after photographing weddings for 3 years and then immigrating to Canada, from Brazil, with my family. It was a lot to take in a short period of time and photography was put aside.

I barely touched my camera for at least 3 years. Actually,  I barely had a camera, only a D90 and the kit lenses that were the third backup when photographing weddings.

I have this instinct to photograph. I see pictures, stories, colors, textures, everywhere. It is stronger than me and hard to control. 

I am embracing this instinct again and starting from scratch. I can't control it.

I'll be looking around for families that see beauty in the chaos of daily life. Families that love real moments, raw energy, real life and know that they are unique and beautiful the way they are.

That's how I feel about photograph. That's how I feel about life. That's what drives me.



Just to warm-up, some little stories about our days here during this Spring Break. Nothing crazy, just tired parents and a bored 12 year old gravitating around little Mila.

These photos were taken using a Nikon D90, a 50mm 1.4 and a 20mm 1.8, both amazing lenses. I've been playing a lot with colors, learning how they relate to each other, shifting some hues and trying to find my own language.


If you want to get these bright, whites you'll need to:

- Have a bright, white room. Obvious and true. It

- Overexpose your pictures a bit. Maybe more than a bit, like +1 stop or more. Try measuring the light on the dark areas.

- Use bright lenses. I would say that a 50mm 1.8 is a must have. The Nikon one costs only 200 and is amazing.

I guess this is good for the first post.

Thanks for reading